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All Guilds Meeting - October 2013

October's All Guilds Meeting has finished and there was lots to report, the least of which being that Doobes finally stopped slacking and returned to his moderating duties at last! cheeky As always, here are the raw and cleansed chatlogs for a little light reading.

Here's what went on this month:

Cavern Tours/Cavern Theater

Zeke365 and Stone started things off to talk about their planned Cavern Tours.  They are still in need of planning, including a translation bot (which Stone is working on), but they hope to have something happen in November.  Cavern Theater is still being put together.  Explorers are welcome to submit what they have to zeke for approval (  Events incorporating this material are still to be scheduled.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas came up next to mention that Gehn.17 was recently released.  The shard now has 908 active avatars, and the group would like to throw another party at some point in the future (hopefully to bring that total to 1,000!).

The Wonders of D'ni Weiterlesen

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Gehn.17 Goes Live

It's been awhile since their last release, but the hard work of the Guild of Writers never stops; the newest version of their Gehn shard client is now available!  The latest fixes include:

  • Fix a noticable FPS stutter when adding a buddy.
  • Fix broken Ahnonay sphere rotation when a human avatar goes swimming.
  • Fix Er'cana control panel.
  • Fix invisible quab bug.
  • Fix some invalid visual states caused by Cyan's inability to type/spell.
  • Fix some potential buffer overflows.
  • Improve avatar headshot images.
  • Prefill skinned vertex buffers (less lag!).
  • Iterate cellular automata.

As always, to get the update, start the Gehn client normally and let it download things.  If you haven't installed Gehn yet and would like to do so, here are instructions to get you started.

Keep up the good work, GoW!

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Guild of Writers Releases Gehn.16!

The always-busy programmers at the Guild of Writers have released the latest version of their own shard...Gehn.16!  While no new content with this release (however, stay tuned for more later!), there are a few nice behind-the-scenes changes that fix a couple of functions and modify things to speed the game up even further, even for older computers!

Here's a list of fixes for this release:

  • Ensure there is always a progress indicator while linking.
  • Fix /savecolumns.
  • Fix Age invite display.
  • Fix collision issue in Fehnir's House.
  • Improve skinning. (Less lag on old CPUs!)
  • Update game data (PRPs) to MOULa 1.918.
  • Integrate non-deterministic fractal surfaces.

IMPORTANT: Due to Cyan's latest update, you will need to take a few extra steps to update Gehn BEFORE you run the client.

  1. Delete the "TOS.txt" file from your MOULa installation.
  2. Update MOULa to 1.918 by running their client.
  3. Copy the "dat" folder from your MOULa installation to Gehn shard's installation.
  4. Run Gehn shard's client to update that as well.

Note that if you do not do this, Gehn will NOT run properly!

Keep checking back for news on Gehn.17 and any other updates on the various shards!

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Guild of Writers Releases New CWE Build

Some good news for programmers out there... the Guild of Writers/H'uru has once again begun to post new builds of the Engine (CWE) for all to use! The public releases had to be stopped awhile back due to licensing issues, but the problem was recently solved and work has resumed!

For those not technically inclined, CWE is the game engine that runs Myst Online: URU Live Again and was released as open source over two years ago. Many of the fixes Cyan Worlds, Inc. has incorporated since have been derived from various programmers' work with the engine. In addition to the client, you can also download the Max 2012 Plugin for Age creation, based on the plugin Cyan used to create Uru's Ages.

The old builds had to be removed due to the aforementioned licensing problems, so a new thread has been started for all future build releases. For any questions, read Hoikas' original post and ask your questions there.

A big thank you to all those programmers out there who continue to improve and expand MO:ULa for us all!

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Gehn.14 Now Available

Die Guild of Writers [Gilde der Autoren] beweist, dass sie immer beschäftigt ist, indem sie eine neue Version des Gehn Shard veröffentlicht - kurz nach der letzten Veröffentlichung und direkt vor der Party die sie dort planen!

Die Liste der Änderungen in dieser Version:

  • KI-Licht ermöglicht
  • Behoben: Ahnonay Krabbenproblem
  • "Fix avatar headshots"
  • "Fix crash-causing race condition in clone loading"
  • Crash im /look Befehl behoben
  • Behoben: Falsche Instanzen-Benennung
  • Behoben: Ausgehende Einladungen an jeden auf dem Shard
  • Behoben: Benachrichtigungen über KI-Mails die nicht an Dich gesendet wurden
  • "Fix PRP updates not being added to the resource manager"
  • "Fix server race condition that could hose login attempts"
  • "Fix some unresponsive footstep regions"
  • Behoben: Probleme mit der Teledahn Kamera
  • "Fix widescreen FOV distortion"
  • Behoben: Zandi der sich selber auf CleftCom begrüßt
  • "Mop crazy glue off floors and stairs"
  • "Realign alternate time frames"

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wer möchte ist herzlich dazu eingeladen dies nachzuholen)

Achte darauf Dich einzuloggen und die neuesten Upgrades zu erhalten. Vergiss auch nicht, das Forum der GoW zu besuchen um andere auftretende Probleme zu melden!